Friday, 23 June 2017

Numeracy Reflection

Numeracy Reflection 

This week For numeracy I didn't do much because I was sick on Tuesday and Wednesday.
I just did a DLO on 2-Digit Addition. 

Literacy Reflection

Literacy Reflection 

Word work: this week for word work I did the sentence the meaning and the origin here is the link.

This week on Thursday Rata 5 have been watching a video and been learning how to weave Harakeke and we were making Putiputi. Miss Bright was teaching a group to weave Harakeke fish. And I also taught them how to make Putiputi (Flowers).
Today Rata 5 are going out to bless the Harakeke Then cut it and start to weave. I made a google slide showing how we made them here is the link.
I also showed Rata 5 two legends on Matariki.
Here is the Link.

Writing: This week I did a description on my Little sister Bryalee.


Do you have an annoying little sister or brother well I do?There is a girl Named Bryalee Bright. She is Bright like a little shooting star crossing the earth every second.

Her hair is soft,silky nice and straight, It is a light brown colour and it looks like a cat when you stroke it feels like cat fur.

She loves Horses and always make human Horse jumps and jumps them,  she can jump up to 1 meter tall. You might be thinking one meter is not
tall but it is pretty tall for her

As you know I said that one meter is quite tall for her. She is seven and is a midget for her size
She is probably just one meter tall.

She is always mystical and adventurous. She always goes to the top of the mountains and pretends she is a monkey. She finds a lot of  dragon's treasure at my Grandpas  

She is a chatterbox she doesn't stop talking evan in her sleep she talks.

She is energetic she goes to sleep late and makes us late for school in the mornings.

She always gets me in Trouble when i'm in my bedroom just reading a book or playing games she walked in rolled around and says Lyssie hit me.
It gets a bit annoying sometimes but i just ignore it.  

Sisters might be annoying but they are kind and cheerful heart.

Friday, 16 June 2017

Literacy Reflection

Literacy Reflection

Writing: This week for writing I did a summery on a journal and in the journal it was called kick start here is a photo  

Me and my friend Ayesha also did two storeys on Matariki they are both different legends. 

I also did an description on my literacy teacher Miss Reissmann she is also a teacher in Mamaku 1.

Miss Reissmann

           There is a shiny woman named Helga Reissmann and she is a teacher at Greymain school in Mamaku 1.

She has beautiful eyes like the sky with light grey clouds floating above. With her eyes she looks around the room and makes sure everyone is on task

Her hair is silky straight with a curve at the bottom, It is Golden with silver streaks.  

Her top has black dots that look like black paint splattered over a piece of crinkled up white paper. At the front is short and the back is long, you can hardly see the back because her cardigan is black and is so long.

She wears Long stretchy jeans that makes her look quite tall, as tall as a giraffe's neck she is as skinny as a tree branch.

She wears glasses, but every time she talks she pulls them off and puts them on her head and the glasses blend right in with the silver streaks.

When she was a at school she played soccer and I bet her team always won because she has long legs and big feet that can glide her through the air.

She has 3 children that live in Motueka. The oldest is 26 the middle kid is 24 and the youngest is 21.

Her face is oval as oval as a rugby ball. Her face fits her style of her hair, It is short but longer than a bob.

Friday, 9 June 2017

Literacy Reflection

 Literacy Reflection

Word work: this week for word work I used my spelling words and put down the meaning the sentence and the origin. Here is the link.

Writing: this week for writing I did a chapter book on a girl who thinks she is a spy and has a friend called Kisha and a dog called Alishey If you want to read this book here is the link.

Friday, 2 June 2017

Literacy Reflection

Literacy Reflection Word Work: This week for word work I  did the sentence the origin and the meaning. For the fun activity I did colourful words here is the link.WALT:With increasing confidence, logically sequence explanations for arguments. Fast Write: This week for fast write me and my friend Katelynn did a fast write on 101 most DISGUSTING THINGS.                                  This week I did also writing on cross country and I did a Reflection on my Robert Delaunay art but I have not finished the reflection.

Literacy Reflection

Literacy Reflection

Word Work: As for usual I wrote down the sentence meaning and the origin and my fun activity. For. Here's the link.
Also I did a Wevidio on My Anzac diamante poem.

Power Writing.

Power writing

This week I have chosen my favourite fast write and posted on my blog.