Thursday, 10 August 2017

New Blog


Hi Evryone,

I just wrote this to say I hope you like how I have changed my blog around a bit.
Now you can Know a bit more about me. 

Kakiteano Alyssa

Friday, 4 August 2017

Literacy Reflection

Literacy Reflection 

I did some things on Leonard Da Vinci | Facts 

I finished my persuasive writing and finished the plan.

Dear Katelynn,

You should play pie face because It would be a great and fun game.  if you tried this game because you might like playing it.

You did the mud run and you got muddy really muddy. You loved it and thought it was fun this game is exactly like that but this game is stickier and more whiter and you can eat it.

From Alyssa

Friday, 28 July 2017

Literacy Reflection

Literacy Reflection 

This week for literacy is different and its the first week of school. My literacy Ms Reissman has put us into groups with artist names. All the groups had to do a doc on what is art. I finished the doc but then I thought I could do a slide on what is art.

              What is Art?Alyssa
I think art is lots of things. Art is Fantastic! It doesn't really matter because art is art even if you make a mistake.   

List 5 different art forms that you know about:
  1. Number 1 art: Spin art
  2. Number 2 art:Balloon art
  3. Number 3 art:Splat art
  4. Number 4 art:Finger art
  5. Number 5 art:Leave art
Artists I know: Leonard Da Vinci. Van Goufs

Art is not a part of my life everyday! I only see art when I Do art myself at school I mostly do science not art.

I also have done a plan of a persuasive letter to my friend Katelynn she has also made a plan to persuade me. Check her blog out, here is the link 

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Reflection term 2 end of term

Katelynn and I Decided Because it is the last day of term we will  interview each other and ask 4 questions and 2 bonuses  about this term. We also did what we have done (NOT) This term.

Friday, 30 June 2017

Literacy Reflection

Literacy Reflection

Word work: This week for word work I described my speech and used those words and put down the meaning sentence and the origin. Here is the link

I also finished writing my speech.And some speech photos.

What do you think…  are kids better than adults or adults better than kids?

Hello, today I'm going to talk to you about why kids are better than adults!

I think kids are better than adults because we are less complicated than them.
You know … It's like we are little shooting stars crossing the earth.

Kids have loads of energy. If adults tell us to do something, we will do it! Whilst doing something else at the same time. Exactly like multitasking.

What do we really believe in...  Well there are lots of things. Like; the Tooth fairy, Santa and the Easter Bunny. Personally I believe in all of them. If you don't believe you don't receive! You know…. That’s what mum always says!

We are inventive, we have bright ideas, if you throw a stick out for an adult and say do something with it,  they will have no ideas in their head. If you do that for a kid rather than an adult we will say it's not a stick it's a broomstick, pony, sword, wand, walking stick and lots of other things.

And this is why kids are better than adults.

Children are fun. We have simpler lives than adults. We don't have to go to work. We can just play all day long and have no fuss about it. I don't want to grow up.

We have the best imagination in the world. We make things better especially when we use our imagination. We don't know the future but we can imagine it…. We are going to have flying cars portals, wait what else… I know now were going to have everything that we ever dreamt of.

We aren't scared of anything (kind of) lots of adults are scared of pushing buttons. you  know like computer buttons, because they're scared that something is going to happen
( Just Like my Nana).But we're just like...come on just  push the button and we have to do it for them.

Adults just stand there and do nothing, while we're changing the earth. Yes i know there is Teachers, Doctors and Nurses and lots of people that help. But they don't get to go outside and play. ( do they ) Well if they do it must be boring because adults are adults. And kids are kids.

Someday all kids are going to be adults (that's the annoying part about life)

And that is why kids are better than adults. Now I hope you think now that kids are better than adults.

Friday, 23 June 2017

Numeracy Reflection

Numeracy Reflection 

This week For numeracy I didn't do much because I was sick on Tuesday and Wednesday.
I just did a DLO on 2-Digit Addition. 

Literacy Reflection

Literacy Reflection 

Word work: this week for word work I did the sentence the meaning and the origin here is the link.

This week on Thursday Rata 5 have been watching a video and been learning how to weave Harakeke and we were making Putiputi. Miss Bright was teaching a group to weave Harakeke fish. And I also taught them how to make Putiputi (Flowers).
Today Rata 5 are going out to bless the Harakeke Then cut it and start to weave. I made a google slide showing how we made them here is the link.
I also showed Rata 5 two legends on Matariki.
Here is the Link.

Writing: This week I did a description on my Little sister Bryalee.


Do you have an annoying little sister or brother well I do?There is a girl Named Bryalee Bright. She is Bright like a little shooting star crossing the earth every second.

Her hair is soft,silky nice and straight, It is a light brown colour and it looks like a cat when you stroke it feels like cat fur.

She loves Horses and always make human Horse jumps and jumps them,  she can jump up to 1 meter tall. You might be thinking one meter is not
tall but it is pretty tall for her

As you know I said that one meter is quite tall for her. She is seven and is a midget for her size
She is probably just one meter tall.

She is always mystical and adventurous. She always goes to the top of the mountains and pretends she is a monkey. She finds a lot of  dragon's treasure at my Grandpas  

She is a chatterbox she doesn't stop talking evan in her sleep she talks.

She is energetic she goes to sleep late and makes us late for school in the mornings.

She always gets me in Trouble when i'm in my bedroom just reading a book or playing games she walked in rolled around and says Lyssie hit me.
It gets a bit annoying sometimes but i just ignore it.  

Sisters might be annoying but they are kind and cheerful heart.