Friday, 7 April 2017

Top Team Bonus Reflection T1W10

Top Team 

On Tuesday we did Top Team Games at school.  We were put in teams and had to play a variety of games.  My Favourite game at top team was gutter ball, here is a photo.

You had to try to get the ball all the way to the bucket with out the ball falling of.
My team was named BLUE PENGUINS we had a team of 7.  

Numeracy Reflection T1W10

Numeracy Reflection 

This week for Numeracy I did Maths Buddy 2 digit by 2 digit  multiplication (with carrying)  and my 2 digit by 2 digit slide but I have not completed my slide yet.
This is what I did for Maths buddy.
With carrying was quite hard here is a picture of me working it out.

Literacy Reflection T1W10

Literacy Reflection

Word work 
This week for word work I used my spelling words and put down the meaning, the sentence and the origin .


Meaning: The way of doing something

Sentence: It was a procedure of getting out of the building

Origin: French and English


Meaning:The way that something or someone looks

Sentence: There was an appearance.

Origin: Latin,French and English


Meaning: Promise

Sentence: I guaranty that we will go to the playground

Origin: Spanish French and English


Meaning:  Rings,necklace,earrings and bracelet  

Sentence: I made Jewellery

Origin: Old french and English


Meaning: cover something completely  

Sentence: She Buried me

Origin: English


Meaning:something that works and is man made like Vehicle

Sentence: I own a piece of machinery  
Origin: unsure


This week for writing  we went on to pobble 365 and got some ideas off that. There was a story starter and we had to finish the story of the story starter. Mine was about when a sheep ate some grass then started floating off into the air. The blue writing is the story starter.     

image of the day
Fluffy had thought that the grass in her new field tasted slightly peculiar. Several moments after taking a cautious nibble she began to slowly lift off the ground. After 5 minutes Fluffy was at least 100 meters of the ground. The farmer was taking a shower and then he heard a noise that a sheep would make (bbbbbaaaaa) he had never heard so loud a sheep noise from his shower. He turned off his shower and opened up the shower curtain and he saw his precious fluffy flying in the air. The farmer called up 911..

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Kawa of Care Poster

This term the year 5's and two year 6's have been learning how to look after their chromebooks. Here are some tips of how to take care of your chromebook . 

Friday, 31 March 2017

T1W9 Literacy Reflection

Camp Reflection
This week we were learning about how to make long and clear paragraphs. We used bullet points to plan then we wrote our sentences from that.
Introduction: Mamaku 2 children ( 29 ) and 9 adults drove to camp on the 8th of march and drove back on the 10th of March. Mamaku 2 went to Westport and stayed at the Maxwell gagecenter. We went because it's a great experience and its apart of  our education. Mamaku 2 walked around  coal mines and gold mines.

We went  to Westport and we stayed at Maxwell gagecenter close by  to the aquatic centre and Victoria park. We went to denniston and  to the  Nile river It was cold ice.

Mamaku to went because it's for our education and to learn about coal mine and gold mine and we learnt how to work together and have fun.

We drove down  on the 8th of march and drove back on the 10th of march

Mamaku 2 and 9 adults went to Westport . I went in a car with Megan,Regan,Ayesha and Larissa. I bunked with Megan, Ayesha and Mrs Prendergast

Wild card
Ayesha bet my high score on bop it I was an angry lion. In the night Harvey laughed so loud that  he woke everyone up,they were as grumpy as a bear getting waked up in the middle of the night. Ayesha's sleeping bag dangled in my face all night long and Megan snored all night I was lucky Mrs Prendergast did not move . The next night the doors slammed all night  they did not stop slamming ( until i went to sleep).

Word Work

This week for word work I wrote down the meaning and sentence of my spelling words 

Relative-Meaning-a person who is connected by blood or marriage.
Sentence-I was a relative to my cousin.

Prominent-Meaning-It was very easy to find you-Sentence-Its was prominent.

Witness-Meaning-a person who sees a crime or an accident-Sentence-My my friend was a witness.

Command-Meaning-a command is a order that you follow
Sentence-I command you to do your work.

Experiment-Meaning-perform a scientific procedure.
Sentence-I did a experiment.

Ignorant-Meaning-lacking in knowledge.
Sentence-The man walking was ignorant.

Citizen-Meaning-A person who lives in a country
Sentence-I am a citizen